Specific Claims Tribunal of Canada


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2. Institutional Functions, Programs and Activities

Registry Services

The Registry’s Program Activity is to facilitate timely access to the Specific Claims Tribunal through client service, quality of advice, efficient and timely processing and unbiased service delivery.

Registry services provide for the intake, processing, and electronic management of all claims documents and related material. Registry services also ensure proper records and systems management and efficient administrative operations of the Tribunal, as well as communications to the public, claimants, governments, and other interested parties, in both official languages.

Registry Services Management
Description: Legal documents related to claims filed.
Document Types: Correspondence, transcripts of proceedings, exhibits, pleadings, notices, motion and decisions, arrangements for hearings and professional services.
Record Number: GTR6000

  • Electronic Registry
    • Description: Information pertaining to submissions and/or inquiries under the Specific Claims Tribunal Act and/or SCT Rules of Practice and Procedures.
    • Class of Individuals: Parties to cases.
    • Purpose: To retain a record of all proceedings before the Tribunal.