Specific Claims Tribunal of Canada


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Doig River First Nation and Blueberry River First Nations
Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada
Province/TerritoryBritish ColumbiaIntervenor(s)
Claim Filed DateDecember 15, 2011
StatusHearing Scheduled

Claim Documents

Document TitleDocument Filing Date
Declaration of ClaimDecember 15, 2011Download
OrderDecember 21, 2011Download
Response to Declaration of ClaimFebruary 24, 2012Download
EndorsementMay 17, 2012Download
EndorsementJuly 26, 2012Download
Notice of ApplicationAugust 29, 2012Download
Consent to ApplicationAugust 30, 2012Download
Response to ApplicationSeptember 10, 2012Download
EndorsementSeptember 12, 2012Download
Reasons for DecisionNovember 30, 2012Download
Declaration of ClaimDecember 20, 2012Download
Response to Declaration of ClaimJanuary 9, 2013Download
Amended Reasons for DecisionMarch 1, 2013Download
Translation of Reasons for DecisionApril 11, 2013Download
Translation of Amended Reasons for DecisionApril 11, 2013Download
Notice of ApplicationApril 24, 2013Download
Reasons for DecisionFebruary 20, 2014Download
Translation of Reasons for DecisionMay 2, 2014Download
EndorsementMay 30, 2014Download
CorrigendumJune 2, 2014Download
Reasons for DecisionJune 25, 2014Download
Endorsement and OrderJuly 28, 2014Download
Amended Endorsement and OrderAugust 22, 2014Download
Translation of Reasons for DecisionSeptember 26, 2014Download
ApplicationJanuary 9, 2015Download
Response to ApplicationJanuary 19, 2015Download
EndorsementJanuary 30, 2015Download
Amended EndorsementFebruary 6, 2015Download
Reasons on ApplicationMarch 10, 2015Download
Translation of Reasons on ApplicationJune 3, 2015Download
Reasons for DecisionNovember 5, 2015Download
EndorsementJune 13, 2016Download
Amended Declaration of ClaimJune 28, 2016Download
Amended Declaration of ClaimJune 28, 2016Download
Amended ResponseJuly 21, 2016Download
Amended ResponseJuly 21, 2016Download
EndorsementSeptember 7, 2016Download
Translation of Reasons for DecisionOctober 25, 2016Download
EndorsementJanuary 16, 2017Download
EndorsementMarch 13, 2017Download
EndorsementMay 17, 2017Download
EndorsementOctober 3, 2017Download
Reasons for DecisionAugust 14, 2018Download
EndorsementDecember 12, 2018Download
EndorsementFebruary 21, 2019Download
Translation of Reasons for DecisionMay 22, 2019Download
EndorsementSeptember 18, 2019Download
EndorsementDecember 17, 2019Download
EndorsementMarch 20, 2020Download
EndorsementMay 7, 2020Download
EndorsementJune 19, 2020Download
Amended EndorsementJune 24, 2020Download

Next Scheduled Event(s)

Notice OfNotice LocationNotice Date/TimeEnd DateJustice
Notice of HearingTake Notice that the hearing will be held by videoconference starting on August 25, 2020 at 1: 00 p. m. ET, for the duration of three days. August 25, 2020 at 01:00 PMAugust 27, 2020William Grist