Specific Claims Tribunal of Canada


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The Tribunal room serves as the central electronic hub for all Tribunal proceedings – whether in communities across Canada or in Ottawa. The Tribunal room was designed to be utilized for several functions, including pre-hearing proceedings (case conferences, motions, status reviews); hearings; mediation; meetings; conferences; and public events.

The Tribunal room has many notable features that incorporate First Nations’ perspectives, including natural wood and stone materials that strongly relate to nature.
The circle and medicine wheel are present in the design of the walls, the ceiling, the doors, the flooring, and the furniture - which has participants seated in a circular arrangement without an elevated dais for the judge as is common in other courts.

The focal point of the Tribunal room is the ceiling feature containing a central light representing the Sun, and frosted glass reminiscent of the Northern Lights. Below this is a green slate altar that can be substituted by a lectern insert to accommodate speeches.

A support pillar has been enclosed in cylindrical stained wood suggesting a Totem, with curved projections representing the raven or eagle beak and wings. A backlit half-circle glass represents the Moon.

Finally, a smudging room has been incorporated to accommodate spiritual ceremonies, with poles in the image of a Teepee and frosted glass to capture the image of smoke rising. A colored version of the medicine wheel is applied on the marble surface of the smudging table.